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40 feet - hosts up to 13 passengers

Departs from the Tahoe Keys Marina,
located in South Lake Tahoe

​Cruises from 2-8 hours

The Great Scott is a 40 foot Bluewater Cabin Cruiser with a bathroom on board. The indoor cabin has heating and cooling depending on the ever-changing Lake Tahoe weather. It is large and spacious for the panoramic viewing of the beautiful surrounding mountains and Lake Tahoe. It has all new teak interior and laminate flooring; along with new comfortable seating and cushions inside and outside. It has a Bluetooth sound system available inside and out. It has easy stair access to all viewing levels.

We specialize in our Lake Tahoe cruises that provide one-of-kind sightseeing boat tours, as well as daytime and sunset cruises that enable our guests to experience Lake Tahoe from the unique perspective of being directly on the sapphire-blue water. On our Lake Tahoe cruises and charters, our guests get up-close and personal with iconic, world-famous destinations such as Emerald Bay, the Thunderbird Lodge, the Fleur du Lac Mansion, Rubicon Cliffs, Cave Rock and more. Our guests spend a relaxing and memorable day on Lake Tahoe swimming, snorkeling and lounging with friends and family while enjoying the stunning scenery of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding peaks of the Sierra Nevada… all in the privacy of a chartered yacht!


Can we bring our own food and beverage?

Yes! Guests are welcome to bring additional food, drinks, and alcohol aboard the boat.


Can we arrange for custom catering on Blue Warrior Cruises?

Please email us regarding custom catering requests.

To view our current catering options via Cork & More, please click here.

Orders can be placed by calling 530-544-5253 or emailing

Can we dock or make stops during our cruise?

Yes, the Great Scott can make stops at Camp Richardson and select docks on Lake Tahoe. Please factor in docking times when planning the duration of your cruises.

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